Panama City Beach Parasailing Rides

Parasailing, the best way to see Panama City Beach

Soar high above the Emerald waters.  Enjoy panoramic views of The Worlds Most Beautiful Beaches.  Parasailing with Paradise Watersports along the shores of Panama City Beach is the ultimate experience.  Our Experienced and Professional captains can’t wait to give you that once in a lifetime experience.  At Paradise Watersports, your satisfaction is a top priority, but your safety is our #1 priority! Our parasailing boats have complete hydraulic winches that ease you into the air right off the customer deck.  As your ride comes to an end, the captain reels your back in.  It’s like flying a kite with a fishing pole.


Your adventure will begin with a BANANA BOAT RIDE through the surf out to one of our six-passenger parasail boats.  Once onboard, our captain and crew will instruct you thru the safety briefing.  You have been fitted into your harness and gotten your life jacket fastened.  Sit down, relax, and smile for the camera, YOU ARE PARASAILING.  As you float smoothly over the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico, you might see:

  • Marine life that not visible from the beach.  Bottlenose Dolphins, Sting Rays, and the occasional Manatee
  • Miles and Miles of water in every direction
  • Your family and friends along the shore waving to you!
  • Incredible panoramic views of Panama City Beaches beautiful coastline

The highlight of your ride is about to begin.  The captain slows the boat down allowing you to free fall slowly into the water.   Once you get close, he slowly powers up, gently cooling you off with a dip in the Gulf of Mexico.  If you request not to get wet, we can provide the free fall experience without the cooling off dip.  As your ride comes to a close, we will land you standing up on our back deck.  Your boat ride will continue as the other passengers experience the same thrill of parasailing.

As your banana boat pulls back in to drop you off, make sure to let those on shore know how much fun you had.


  • SCAREDY CAT:  This package includes 2 miles, 600 feet of rope and a refreshing dip into the Emerald Green Waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  $99.00 Per person*
  • THRILL SEEKER:  This package includes 3-4 miles, 800 feet of rope and TWO refreshing dips into the Emerald Green Waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  $120.00 Per Person*

*Prices are subject to change upon availability

EACH PARASAILING PACKAGE COMES WITH: 1-free 5×7 souvenir photo print per ride. After your ride, you will receive a text message with instructions on where to redeem your free photo. Additionally you can go to to view and purchase your digital photos instantly (If photos are not there instantly, please allow an hour or two to let them upload from the boat) If you have any issues retrieving your photo, please contact or visit our store at Parasail Kiosk, 5709 N Lagoon Dr, Panama City Beach, FL,  32408, open daily from 8am to 5pm.


All you need to bring with you when you board the banana boat to begin your parasailing ride is:

      • swimming clothes
      • The yellow or blue ticket given to you by the beach attendant.  This ticket is critical as it lets the captain know which package you choose.
      • Bucket list so you can cross parasailing off as you reach the landing deck.  JUST KIDDING ON THIS ONE.  You will need to wait till you get back ashore to do this.
      •  We recommend that you leave your hat and sunglasses on the beach.  Your desire to look around while parasailing may cause them to fall off into the Gulf.  It currently has a vast collection of Sunglasses and Hats.
      • Gratuity for your Captain, although not required, is always appreciated.


Due to wind and weather, the weight limit and wait times may vary.  Please understand that we want to make sure everyone goes parasailing while on vacation and at the same time always operate with SAFETY as the number one priority.  Our Captains reserve the right to suspend operations or refuse service to any customer if they feel the conditions are not SAFE.

All of our parasailing flights are done on a wind to weight ratio.  What this means is the amount of wind we have at the present moment determines the total amount of weight we can put in the parachute.  We understand you may want to fly with a certain family member, but with safety as the top priority, we may have to pair you with another family member.

Parasailing wait times will vary throughout the day.  As we begin our day, your parasailing wait time may be only a few minutes.  As the sun heats up and midday passes, our parasailing wait times greatly increase.  We encourage you to sign up early.  If you do have a bit of a wait, no problem.  Let the attendant know where you are gonna be enjoying yourself on the white sandy beach, and he will come get you with its time.  If for some reason you need to go in for the day, no problem there either.  Just hold onto your parasailing ticket and we will be back bright and early tomorrow morning.

If by chance you are staying at a beach house and you are having trouble finding one of our parasailing beach kiosks, please come to Sharkys Restaurant or Hooter Restaurant.  We have plenty of public parking.  We are located on the beach directly behind these two amazing restaurants.