Sunset Parasailing Panama City Beach

As the day begins to wind down, many beach lovers linger to gaze at the beautiful sunset spanning across the scintillating expanse of the water before them, others enjoy it from a completely amazing and different vantage point- the sky.

Attached securely into the harness you will feel a thrill surge through you as you ascend high into the sky, surrounded by the water, and gorgeous hues of the sunset.

Both exciting and economical-this is an experience you shouldn’t pass up. No experience in necessary as we do all the work for you, simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

Paradise Water Sports is experienced, with years of parasailing under our belt. Rest assured we will provide you with a safe and memorable experience. An experience you can enjoy alone or with family and friends.

Children as young as five and enjoy parasailing! Adults simply sign a liability waiver for kids between 5-18 years old. Please note that there are certain weight restrictions in order for the sail to operate properly. As such children often need a parent to ride with them.
Unfortunately certain insurance restrictions also prevent us from allowing pregnant women from parasailing. Insurance restrictions also prevent you from taking your phone or camera with you, but don’t despair we can take quality photos and videos for you for a very small fee.

What will your parasailing experience be like? It depends on you! You are free to decide if you want to stay dry or dip into the water, you can also choose the length of your ride, as we offer packages with 1, 2, 3, and even 4 miles of flight. You can also customize the height of your flight from as low as 600 ft up to 1200 ft.

With hectic schedules and long to do lists, when was the last time you truly stopped to appreciate a sunset? Take the time today for an unforgettable life experience soaring above the glittering waves with calls of the seagulls as they catch the last rays of sunlight.
Each sunset spent is never to be regained, only to be appreciated anew with the dawn of the next day. So reserve your sunset parasailing trip today while spots are still available.
The sunset creeps into the night faster than you imagine! Catch the best colors and the best views by coming by Paradise Water Sports. We are located on Lagoon drive just across Captain’s Rest. If you don’t have time to stop by in person you can easily make a reservation online.

If you must cancel your reservation, please do so with 24 hours notice so that others can enjoy the beauty of the present sunset.